Rule 108

Particulars to be contained in the register of patent agents

(1) The register of patent agents maintained under section 125 shall contain the name, nationality, address of the principal place of business, addresses of branch offices, if any, the qualifications, the date of registration of every registered patent agent and the details of their renewal of registration and any other particulars so specified by the Controller.

(2) Where the register of patent agents is in computer floppies, diskettes or any other electronic form, it shall be maintained and accessed only by the person who is duly authorised by the Controller and no entry or alteration of any entry or rectification of any entry in the said register shall be made by any person who is not so authorised by the Controller.

(3) (i) Copies of register of patent agents shall be maintained in each of the branch offices;

(ii) The register of patent agents shall also contain specimen signatures and photographs of the persons registered as patent agents.