Free Express Service Facility

Free Express Service Facility

To expedite processing of cases please provide the following:

For non receipt of First Examination Report within 15 days of filing

Send by email the date of filing, application number, details of trade marks and the class of goods/services.

For non-receipt of post registration changes

  • Post copies of last renewal intimation / post registration changes or the Journal number in which such changes have been notified.
  • The statement of the case.
  • Documentary evidence in support of claims.
  • If changes are sought on the ground of retirement of a partner of firm, please send notice to the retired partner to the effect that a request for change has been filed and it should be sent by existing partners to enable filing an objection, if any, before Registrar within 30 days. An affidavit of service should also be filed to that effect.
  • In case the change is necessitated on death of partner / proprietor please enclose attested copy of death certificate and an affidavit of legal heir.
  • In case documents are not in English/ Hindi a translated copy certified as true copy is needed.
  • An affidavit from the assignor and assignee to the effect that no proceedings are pending relating to the trade mark in any court or before the Appellate Board.

Non-receipt of Legal certificate (in Form TM-46)

Please note in court proceedings the original registration certificate is never produced as subsequent changes takes place all the time. The Registrar provides a certified copies of entries on the register on a request in form TM-46 which enables litigant to prosecute their case in court. Interested parties can get speedy service if such request is supported with following documents:

  • If it is device trade mark, a copy of identical label as registered.
  • Copies of renewal / post registration changes or Journal in which such renewal / post registration changes are notified.
  • Copy of Trade Marks Journal in which it was advertised before registration.
  • A Copy of registration certificate.

Please send all Express Service Request clearly superscribed in bold ‘EXPRESS SERVICE REQEUST’ addressed to the Assistant Registrar of Trade Marks, Trade Marks Registry, Baudhik Sampada Bhavan, Near Antop Hill P.O , S.M. Road, Antop Hill, Mumbai-400 037

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